Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Health Matters

Just to catch you up on my health. Today I saw my regular doctor...very dizzy this morning...he thinks it's a virus in my ear canal and probably loose rocks again! Will see the ENT soon. Got a shot in the rump and a prescription for Antivert. Feeling better tonight. By the way I weighed 124.6. Blood pressure 130/80.

Did go to see pulmonologist for check up and had chest xray. Dr. wanted to check more closely and so I had another CT with contrast. Dr. said the original mass seems much better but I do have a small spot in left lung. He did say it didn't look much different than last scan so he gave me one year...until I need to check it out again. I can see him if I need to...you know, if I develop any more shortness of breath or any other menacing symptom.

Did have blood work by regular doctor when I returned from trip up north and had a recheck a month later. I will do again in 3 months. Hopefully, nothing to cause any alarm. I am getting older and things change so we need to keep watch.

Will update more often.

Merry Christmas!

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