Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wedding in Shreveport

After our trip to Houston you'd think we'd stop and stay home...not when there is a wedding in Shreveport. One of our son's friends and our other "adopted" son, Shane, was being married to Leslie Dunn in Shreveport. Zach was standing in the wedding along with Brian Smith and Justin Overman (two other "sons") along with Leslie's brother and two of Shane's friends. It was beautiful...but first.

We RV camped on Friday before with RV friends, Rob and Kay Schroeder. We camped in Ajax, LA, at the Country Livin RV Park. Very nice owners...we visited with them in the office and had cookies and cider. They had two cute dacshund's. Kay and Rob brought Carole and Sherman Levey with them in their RV. We went into Natchitoches, LA, and met up with Kay and Rob's daughter, Amy, and their son, daughter-in-law and grandson, Robert, Juliet and Landon, at The Landing restaurant for dinner. We walked along the lakefront taking photos of the lights. It was such a cute town...Bed and Breakfast capital. Steel Magnolias, the movie, was filmed in that town.

Jim and I moved the RV up to Shreveport on Saturday morning then went to the Centenary chapel for the 3 PM wedding. Did I say it was beautiful! Shane was so handsome and Leslie was an exquisite bride! The minister performed a wonderful marriage service...perfectly said. I cried first when I saw Shane's mom, Sally, walk down the aisle. I cried again when I looked at Shane as he watched Leslie come down the aisle. He looked like he was crying a little. I couldn't look at Shane without seeing my big handsome son, Zach. He's so grown up and snazzy in his tux.

The reception was at the Ramada in Bossier City...in the atrium room. So pretty. The cakes were fantastic...Leslie's mom made both the wedding cake and the groom's cake. The groom's cake looked like a deep dish pizza and was even presented in a Domino's pizza box! It was all alot of fun...DJ and dancing. I even got on the dance floor with Sally...she made me do it!!

We got up the next morning and drove back home...this time to stay for awhile. Will stay put until January at least!

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