Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update on Health

Just saw hematologist this morning after blood work. He doesn't want to see me for another year! All the blood work is the same....not better but not worse. He wants to keep a check on things and said we'll do the same blood tests in one year. I should come back to see him only if I develop night sweats, fevers or start losing weight.
Only problem I'm really still having is with my stupid neck. I've been referred to neurosurgeon who has had neurologist conduct a treatment injection as well as a diagnostic injection. I go back to see him in a couple of weeks. He thinks my problem stems from large bone spur on C3 which is compressing nerve.
My main goal is to be pain free...ha! At my age that is unlikely. Maybe I should say I'd like to feel my age rather than my mother's age!