Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February is already over?!

Sorry I've been away from blogging for awhile. I've been working on 40th high school reunion this year. It's been fun trying to find old classmates. I don't mean "old" just former classmates. There, that's better.

In attempting to fulfill my New Year's resolution for 2010 I've been attending a yoga class at my gym. Thanks to Sally for inviting me to attend. I love it and believe it will (or has) help me. I was surprised to find how many of the postures I can actually manage without pain. Still feel some pain in neck and hip but nothing that keeps me from continuing to go to class. It helps when the instructor guides you through the postures so seamlessly you don't even know your going from one posture to the next. Very tricky.

Still managing to stay on my "no excuses" eating plan. Have managed to add a new snack...but only on special limited occasions. I found KC's Babycakes near the church. Gourmet cupcakes. YUM! :)

On the health note, still feeling fine except for dizziness. CANNOT do back bend at yoga...very bad for me. It doesn't hurt my back but everything starts spinning. I feel like my eyeballs are twirling around in their sockets!

Had MRI on cervical spine. Better experience this time. Very attentive technician...talked to me all the time so I was more relaxed and knew when I could swallow (that was a problem with last MRI). Will see doctor this week to hear the diagnosis. Still have pain and stiffness in neck.

Having a little pain in left knee...stepped a little funny on the treadmill a couple of weeks ago. Laid off treadmill for about a week and was fine for a few days. Tweaked the knee again so will try and let it heal some more. Twisting seems to be the problem...old joints are just unstable. Need to strengthen the support system!

Hope everyone who reads this is well and enjoying life!