Monday, March 22, 2010

Better Now

OK I've stopped whining for now.

Went back to chiropractor and now he recommends physical therapy (I told him I wasn't sure about purchasing a home cervical traction). We will see how that goes. He did say he will be purchasing equipment for his practice which will do traction...I guess I get to pay for each treatment if we go that way.

All I know is I want my neck to feel normal again...even just a little bit normal again. Sometimes I feel like I'm a robot the way I need to maneuver my neck...can't just lift my head like regular people. Sometimes it feels like my joints are stuck.

Anyway, we'll see how therapy works...still waiting to hear back from the PT office about my insurance and how much they will cover.

OK I whined a little!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Need to Whine

Sorry to put this down on paper (whatever) but I need to whine a little.

Contemplating the purchase of cervical traction device recocmmended by my chiropractor. They cost $500 or more! The big question is will it help or will I be out another $500 for nothing. No problem if I knew it would help. I've been trying to get my neck back to it's pre-pain state for over a year with no improvement. Chiro says I have retrolisthesis of the cervical vertebra C5-C6. They are shifted and cannot be corrected except with surgery and realignment with a brace. It was probably happening over years but finally pushed "over the edge" by some small movement on my part. This is after years of regular correction by a chiropractor.

Today is a bad day. Pain, dizziness, fun.

Thanks for listening and letting me whine a little.