Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still more traveling to do

We did have some time at home after big Northeast trip but then Thanksgiving came around. Our son, Jimmy, came home from school as did our eldest, Zach. We all packed the SUV and headed to Texas. Jim dropped me off at my mother's home in Palestine, TX, and he and the boys went to the lakehouse in Star Harbor near Malakoff, TX. I wanted to be there to help my mom with dinner prep since she had recently been ill. Besides my family, only my oldest brother, Van, was coming for dinner on Thanksgiving. My sis, Brenda, had to work and her son, Troy, had a wedding to stand in. So there was not enough time for her family to come up. My other brother, Leonard, and his family had suffered with sickness so decided to just stay home and get better. Leonard cooked the dinner and reported it was a success.

Our dinner was also good. Van came up early on Thursday and started cooking part of the dinner. He prepared his famous dressing and brought sweet potatoes to bake. It was all delicious and we enjoyed being together.

Van and the boys went outside in the afternoon and threw the football...no surprise it's the ritual. We all entered the museum (the garage) and did some searching for collectibles. Lots of stuff there but would need a major clean out to see everything. I think there were purses I had in high school!

Van had to leave to get back to Houston since he worked on Friday. My family went back to the lakehouse after watching the Texas A&M & Texas football game and then drove back to Louisiana on Friday. It was tough leaving my mom but I appreciated being able to spend a couple of days with her.

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