Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Health Matters

Just to catch you up on my health. Today I saw my regular doctor...very dizzy this morning...he thinks it's a virus in my ear canal and probably loose rocks again! Will see the ENT soon. Got a shot in the rump and a prescription for Antivert. Feeling better tonight. By the way I weighed 124.6. Blood pressure 130/80.

Did go to see pulmonologist for check up and had chest xray. Dr. wanted to check more closely and so I had another CT with contrast. Dr. said the original mass seems much better but I do have a small spot in left lung. He did say it didn't look much different than last scan so he gave me one year...until I need to check it out again. I can see him if I need to...you know, if I develop any more shortness of breath or any other menacing symptom.

Did have blood work by regular doctor when I returned from trip up north and had a recheck a month later. I will do again in 3 months. Hopefully, nothing to cause any alarm. I am getting older and things change so we need to keep watch.

Will update more often.

Merry Christmas!

Wedding in Shreveport

After our trip to Houston you'd think we'd stop and stay home...not when there is a wedding in Shreveport. One of our son's friends and our other "adopted" son, Shane, was being married to Leslie Dunn in Shreveport. Zach was standing in the wedding along with Brian Smith and Justin Overman (two other "sons") along with Leslie's brother and two of Shane's friends. It was beautiful...but first.

We RV camped on Friday before with RV friends, Rob and Kay Schroeder. We camped in Ajax, LA, at the Country Livin RV Park. Very nice owners...we visited with them in the office and had cookies and cider. They had two cute dacshund's. Kay and Rob brought Carole and Sherman Levey with them in their RV. We went into Natchitoches, LA, and met up with Kay and Rob's daughter, Amy, and their son, daughter-in-law and grandson, Robert, Juliet and Landon, at The Landing restaurant for dinner. We walked along the lakefront taking photos of the lights. It was such a cute town...Bed and Breakfast capital. Steel Magnolias, the movie, was filmed in that town.

Jim and I moved the RV up to Shreveport on Saturday morning then went to the Centenary chapel for the 3 PM wedding. Did I say it was beautiful! Shane was so handsome and Leslie was an exquisite bride! The minister performed a wonderful marriage service...perfectly said. I cried first when I saw Shane's mom, Sally, walk down the aisle. I cried again when I looked at Shane as he watched Leslie come down the aisle. He looked like he was crying a little. I couldn't look at Shane without seeing my big handsome son, Zach. He's so grown up and snazzy in his tux.

The reception was at the Ramada in Bossier City...in the atrium room. So pretty. The cakes were fantastic...Leslie's mom made both the wedding cake and the groom's cake. The groom's cake looked like a deep dish pizza and was even presented in a Domino's pizza box! It was all alot of fun...DJ and dancing. I even got on the dance floor with Sally...she made me do it!!

We got up the next morning and drove back home...this time to stay for awhile. Will stay put until January at least!

Time to see friends from the past

Just be thankful I didn't title it Time to see OLD friends.

Jim and I worked for Texaco when we met and every year a group of our former workmates has a luncheon at Christmastime. We took the RV and camped at the KOA Houston Central campground in Aldine, north Houston. The luncheon was on Thursday, Dec. 3 and we enjoyed seeing all our old friends. The BBQ was good too.

After the luncheon we went back to the RV and changed clothes and headed out to look around. We drove through the old neighborhood and past our house on Winter Oaks in Ashford Forest subdivision. Then went past Jim's first townhome nearby. Everything looked good and we enjoyed remembering things around there. Lots has changed but we loved seeing it all.

We finally found our way to the Oren house where my 40th reunion planning meeting was being held. Got to see people I've not seen in years. What fun. Everyone has a job to do...checking out venues and trying to find people. We have a facebook page for the Class of 1970 as well as one on Classmates.com. Planning for April 2010 but facing challenge for such an early date. We'll see.

By Friday it was predicted to snow and it began early in the morning. I had planned to go visit my sister and take her some things I brough from Louisiana. We decided to go and Jim drove all the way from north Houston to Richmond in the far southwest area. It was a blizzard the closer we got to Brenda's. She was off that day so it was good to see her. She had a fire in the fireplace...first in her new home. It was very cozy. We had to drive all the way back through Houston to get to the RV. It was crazy but a little fun seeing the snow. Very cold that night in the RV. Woke to 23 degree temps outside. Good thing we have a furnace. Had no trouble on the roads on Sat. morning. Got back home with no problems.

Still more traveling to do

We did have some time at home after big Northeast trip but then Thanksgiving came around. Our son, Jimmy, came home from school as did our eldest, Zach. We all packed the SUV and headed to Texas. Jim dropped me off at my mother's home in Palestine, TX, and he and the boys went to the lakehouse in Star Harbor near Malakoff, TX. I wanted to be there to help my mom with dinner prep since she had recently been ill. Besides my family, only my oldest brother, Van, was coming for dinner on Thanksgiving. My sis, Brenda, had to work and her son, Troy, had a wedding to stand in. So there was not enough time for her family to come up. My other brother, Leonard, and his family had suffered with sickness so decided to just stay home and get better. Leonard cooked the dinner and reported it was a success.

Our dinner was also good. Van came up early on Thursday and started cooking part of the dinner. He prepared his famous dressing and brought sweet potatoes to bake. It was all delicious and we enjoyed being together.

Van and the boys went outside in the afternoon and threw the football...no surprise it's the ritual. We all entered the museum (the garage) and did some searching for collectibles. Lots of stuff there but would need a major clean out to see everything. I think there were purses I had in high school!

Van had to leave to get back to Houston since he worked on Friday. My family went back to the lakehouse after watching the Texas A&M & Texas football game and then drove back to Louisiana on Friday. It was tough leaving my mom but I appreciated being able to spend a couple of days with her.

Back in Touch

Well, first my husband and I did leave on September 14th for RV trip up to the northeast to see the changing leaves. We didn't always have internet so I didn't always have time to post as we went. Started trip off with visit to see our son, Jimmy, at Univ. of Georgia in Athens, GA. Enjoyed seeing Jimmy's house where he's now living with a couple of roommates. The house next door has friends of his as well so I think it's good.

The trip was awesome. Next stop (after Athens, GA) was Gaffney, SC, to have the RV serviced at the Freightliner shop. We got a chance to go into Gaffney and see some things there. We visited Harold's, one of the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives from Food TV. Had fun eating the famous chili burger...no real burger patty with chili but actually chili with meatballs on a burger bun. We also visited local museum...the guy there actually had to go through the place and turn on all the lights for us. I guess they don't have big crowds. It was fun and the guy there was nice. He reminded me of Okey from Waitress (the movie).

Next, we traveled the Journey through Hallowed Ground to see Civil War sites. First stop on that leg was Charlottesville, VA, to visit Monticello, Montpelier and the University of Virginia.

Visited Manassas and Leesburg, VA; Gettysburg and Philadelphia, PA; Stonington, CT (to see my cousin and aunt and uncle); Newport, RI; Boston, Cape Cod and Plymouth, MA; Kennebunkport, Freeport and Arcadia National Park in Maine; Campabello Island (FDR's home) and Hopewell Cape (home of the Bay of Fundy tides) in New Brunswick, Canada; back to the USA through Bangor, ME; New Hampshire and into Vermont where we stayed at a a park on the islands in Lake Champlain. We left there and traveled back up the islands and crossed into northern New York State traveling back down the coast road to Saratoga Battlefield and Fort Ticonderoga. Made our way through a snow storm in Pennsylvania and to Harpers Ferry, WV. Managed to visit Antietam (the bloodiest Civil War battle ground) as well. Then started the real trip back down south driving on the Skyline Drive. Couldn't get on at the top because of ice and snow but did enter two thirds of the way down and camped on the Drive at Loft Mountain for that night. The camp was covered in ice when we arrived...very cold night there but beautiful. Made it to the beginning of the Blue Ridge Parkway and began our trek down. BEAUTIFUL scenery and not much traffic at the beginning. Next day more traffic as weather improved. Saw several convertables eventhough it was still very cold. Got off the parkway at Asheville, NC, and camped in town. Drove into The Biltmore grounds next day and toured the mansion. Unbelievable...they were starting to decorate for Christmas. We also went to the winery there and had lunch at The Bistro...loved the salad and pizza! Bought some wine and took off to Nashville. Camped in Sam's parking lot before getting on the Natchez Trace the next morning. Traveled all the way down to Jackson, MS, that day and camped in Clinton. Did the rest of the Trace last day and headed home. We arrived back IN Covington on October 23rd. Whew!! What a trip. Had a great time.

Now considering next big trip.