Friday, July 31, 2009

Back in town again

Just got back from seeing the PT again. Still doing heat and massage treatments as well as stretches. Still very tender. May be something I'll just learn to live with.

Jim and I traveled to Sedalia, MO, in the RV for the HRRVC International Rally. Good was great. Sometimes in the 70's and did manage to get into 80's while there. We took tours to St. Louis, Independence and Kansas City. Loved Kansas City...very beautiful town.

We went up in The Gateway Arch in St. Louis. We traveled in our little pod with three other people. Very interesting...I had to talk all the way to keep from thinking I was closed into a tiny little egg shape. Made the trip up and down safely. View was great from the top. Saw two movies in the Gateway Arch museum on Lewis and Clark expedition (National Geographic production) and one on the building of the Arch. Walked thru the museum as well. Lots to do there. Park area surrounding the Arch is also nice. It is right on the edge of the Mississippi River. We took a river boat cruise down around the area and had a boxed lunch aboard. Later we had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Warehouse. Good lasagne.

In Independence we saw Truman's library and the 1949 Jail.

In Kansas City we had a guided bus tour of the town. Saw as much as possible in 3 hours. Jim and I had lunch at the Italian Deli in the market near the museum. Toured the museum...very nice. The Arabian riverboat sunk in the Missouri River in 1879 and was dug up (Missouri River changed course) in a corn field near Kansas City. The cargo was recovered and is on display at the museum. Unbelieveable how most everything was intact...dishes, glassware, tools, clothes, shoes, silverware, etc. Everyone should see it.

Got back home and unloaded the Rv that night. Took back to storage next day. Zach was home but only saw him for a little bit...he headed back to BRouge.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Since procedure on 6-30 I have heard from doctor. No cancer cells in lung lavage fluid. Still growing cultures...fungus or bacteria...will be ready about 8 weeks. Now on Symbicort 2 puffs-twice daily. No side effects.

Saw other doctor for osteoporosis...can now begin taking calcium and Vit. D as required. No blood test today...will repeat calcium in three months. Weight 132.5 at doctor's office. Blood pressure 155/80. Pounding heart beats nothing serious...may be intensified by Symbicort. Will monitor how that goes. Doctor can do Holter monitor for 24 hours if we decide still a problem or getting worse. Sounds good to tired of seeing doctors. I don't know how cancer and seriously ill people do it...Thank God for my good health.

Saw PT today about neck. Treatments (heat and mustle stimulator and ultrasound) followed by gentle stretching (OUCH!). Will continue to gently do stretches for upper trapezius and levator scapula.