Thursday, August 20, 2009

Houston, Texas

I've been in Houston since Sunday, 8-16-2009. Came to visit my sister and see my nephew, Benjamin, who is visiting his dad, my brother, Van. Benjamin lives in Indianapolis, IN, but plans to go back to California. Benjamin worked with group like conservation corps and camped(lived) in woods and hills doing mountainman type work. Loved seeing him. We all met at my other brother's home in the country. His wife, Karen, and kids, Anson, Ashlen and Gillian, prepared most of the food and had beer and wine. I drove like a crazy person in order to make the trip from Louisiana for the party. Leonard's home is in the country and is on lots of property. Really cool place to visit.

Next night I had dinner with Van, Benjamin and Van's daughter, Callie, and my sister, Brenda, at Van's apt. in Houston. Sat on patio and ate grilled steak, mushrooms and Caesar salad (Van made the dressing from scratch) YUM.

Brenda took off work for three days and we worked at her house. She just moved in this year and still has boxes to unload. We did some throwing out and arranging some things. Always good to accomplish homey things.

Brenda's daughter, Cara, had wisdom teeth removed today and I'm looking after her since Brenda had to return to work. I will go home tomorrow.

Got a call from doctor re PET scan. He thinks mass has not changed but doesn't show any cancer. He will show the scan to me when I return home. Doctor recommends another followup chest x-ray in about 3-4 months to check on mass and see if it's still there, growing or shrinking. Still using inhaler and planning on trip to Maine in September. Feel really good knowing my friend the doctor is taking good care of me. How blessed am I?!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finally Saturday

Well had the PET scan on Tuesday. No problems there...long time for procedure...injection then wait 1 hour before 25 minutes in scanner. Arms got tired towards end... had to hold them above my head for scan. Little old lady was next...she had extreme back pain. Not sure how she managed. I kept thinking about her during my would she manage? If she could survive that then so could I.

Got call from doctor on Friday. Good news. No "hot spots" on scan. Still mass in lung. Doctor will look at scan himself and see what he can figure out. Feeling really well except for stupid left rib. Still using inhaler (symbicort).

Went to other doctor to check that out. He felt nice knot on rib where pain centered but we decided xray was not necessary...if broken or cracked still have to let it heal. We will check on calcium and vit. d levels in a couple of months. Just need to remember weakness of ribs and take care. Weight at this visit 129.5 BP 135/88. Can't believe I cracked 130 pounds. Feel great, lots of energy.

Will travel to Houston to see brothers and sister and nieces and nephews on Sunday. Will come back to Covington at end of week. First time to see sister's new house.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Me Again

Can't believe I'm still seeing doctor's for one thing and another.

Had followup chest x-ray since bronchoscopy on 6-30-09 and saw doctor. He still doesn't like the looks of things so I'm having PET scan on Tuesday. Hopefully we will finally see if anything bad is in the lung. Doctor did say nothing fungusey or bacterially had grown in cultures yet and he didn't thing anything would. Can't wait until Tuesday is done. Will not have results for a couple of days after that.

Hubby having more surgery on head for skin cancer. Will need plastic surgeon to repair after MOH's surgery to remove cancer. I told him it should be good...they can just draw up both sides and stitch giving him an instant face lift. He'll look younger than me!

It's hell getting old.

So far I have lost at least two more pounds from last visit to doctor. At Dr. C's I weighed 132.8 on Tuesday. Last time I was there I weighed 134.8. Everything I've lost looks like muscle...lots of droopy skin. Feel very energetic.

Had breast MRI on Thursday. Really funny position...on tummy with breast hanging in little holes in table...nicely draped with sheet. Had to raise up my body to reposition and managed to hurt my ribs again on left side...back and front hurting. This is the third time this kind of thing has happened. Am I really breaking bones or what???

Still working on fixing neck...saw Dr. Ch. today and he recommends Pain Mainagement doctor... maybe injections, we'll see. If that is not good for me probably more physical therapy.

One day I hope to pain free and healthy.