Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Time to see friends from the past

Just be thankful I didn't title it Time to see OLD friends.

Jim and I worked for Texaco when we met and every year a group of our former workmates has a luncheon at Christmastime. We took the RV and camped at the KOA Houston Central campground in Aldine, north Houston. The luncheon was on Thursday, Dec. 3 and we enjoyed seeing all our old friends. The BBQ was good too.

After the luncheon we went back to the RV and changed clothes and headed out to look around. We drove through the old neighborhood and past our house on Winter Oaks in Ashford Forest subdivision. Then went past Jim's first townhome nearby. Everything looked good and we enjoyed remembering things around there. Lots has changed but we loved seeing it all.

We finally found our way to the Oren house where my 40th reunion planning meeting was being held. Got to see people I've not seen in years. What fun. Everyone has a job to do...checking out venues and trying to find people. We have a facebook page for the Class of 1970 as well as one on Classmates.com. Planning for April 2010 but facing challenge for such an early date. We'll see.

By Friday it was predicted to snow and it began early in the morning. I had planned to go visit my sister and take her some things I brough from Louisiana. We decided to go and Jim drove all the way from north Houston to Richmond in the far southwest area. It was a blizzard the closer we got to Brenda's. She was off that day so it was good to see her. She had a fire in the fireplace...first in her new home. It was very cozy. We had to drive all the way back through Houston to get to the RV. It was crazy but a little fun seeing the snow. Very cold that night in the RV. Woke to 23 degree temps outside. Good thing we have a furnace. Had no trouble on the roads on Sat. morning. Got back home with no problems.

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