Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sorry it's been so long since last blog. Maybe some of you thought the results of tests came back bad. All is good. Ultrasound showed all organs look normal so nothing interesting going on there. Blood work came back about the same. Since I am not experiencing any extreme symptoms doctor has requested more blood work again in about three months. I made appointment for end of September since hubby and I were going on long trip to Alaska this summer. That hasn't happened because of trouble with RV. Motorhome is still in the shop. We hope to get it back this week but will still need "diagnosis" of some problems. We didn't like the news from current shop so picked up rig a couple of weeks ago only to discover a new malfunction. Turned around and took back to have that repaired.....still there.

Still planning on shorter trip whenever we get motorhome back and in good working order.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More tests

Went this morning for abdominal ultrasound. The tech found my tickle spot. Didn't know there was so much heavy breathing done during one of these tests. I thought I would hyperventilate..."now take a deep breath and hold it".

Don't like waiting around for results but followup visit to Dr. isn't until May 25th. I'm sure if something drastic is noticed they will contact me.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

God is always Good

Well, finally got to see Dr. S today...and that was a miracle. When I was told to go see Dr. S. I had some trouble getting appointment then finally got one in good time. Unfortunately, the office called yesterday and said they would need to reschedule. Grrrrrr! Miraculously, after making another appointment in another month's time(!!!!) God was there. A couple of days earlier I was asked by a friend to take her to chemo...her last...yea! Anyway, she has chemo at the same location as Dr. S. I happened to mention to the appointment nurse that I was bringing someone to the office on Wed.for her chemo and, get ready, they could see me then!!!! God is Good.

Took my friend today and had my appointment with Dr. S. Then I found out that there was more to the story. The evening my friend asked me to take her...we were chatting on facebook. I don't regularly chat with everyone but I saw her on and hadn't spoken to her for awhile so I said "HI". Today she told me she NEVER chats on facebook. That night she just happen to activate the chat feature. Have I already said God is Good.

Just had to share that God story.

On the medical side...having blood work and ultrasound. Will then go back and see Dr. S. for results. Cannot go back until third week of May...I'm going out of town for a couple of weeks with my husband. Having 40th High School reunion and rv campout with friends after that.

Until next time......

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Development

Had blood work (CBC) done on March 30. Doctor B's office called next day and wants to refer me to a hematologist for further testing. Lymphocytes still high. Saw Dr. B on Friday, April 2, for other things...staph infection in nose. He said he doesn't think the Lymphocytes are a major concern but it needs looking into. Dr. S is out of office Easter week and has not called yet to make appointment. Hopefully, he will call the following week and I can see him soon. Need to get health issues cleared so can go ahead and plan rv travels this summer.

Weight at Dr. B's office was 127.2. Still maintaining weight loss.

I was previously treated by a hematologist in England when my sarcoidosis flared. Had enlarged spleen...spent two years on prednisone. The two biggest active sarcoid events in my life were spurred on by hormonal changes....babies! This past summer I was taken off all hormones...maybe there is a connection? We'll see.

Feeling fine (except for stiff neck still). Am seeing physical therapist for that right now...do see some improvement. Hoping that will continue.

Also started having a protein drink every day. I think I lost some muscle tissue when on weight loss program...want to get that back.

Happy to be alive and celebrating Easter 2010 today! Great sermon at church again today. Thanks Hunter.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Better Now

OK I've stopped whining for now.

Went back to chiropractor and now he recommends physical therapy (I told him I wasn't sure about purchasing a home cervical traction). We will see how that goes. He did say he will be purchasing equipment for his practice which will do traction...I guess I get to pay for each treatment if we go that way.

All I know is I want my neck to feel normal again...even just a little bit normal again. Sometimes I feel like I'm a robot the way I need to maneuver my neck...can't just lift my head like regular people. Sometimes it feels like my joints are stuck.

Anyway, we'll see how therapy works...still waiting to hear back from the PT office about my insurance and how much they will cover.

OK I whined a little!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Need to Whine

Sorry to put this down on paper (whatever) but I need to whine a little.

Contemplating the purchase of cervical traction device recocmmended by my chiropractor. They cost $500 or more! The big question is will it help or will I be out another $500 for nothing. No problem if I knew it would help. I've been trying to get my neck back to it's pre-pain state for over a year with no improvement. Chiro says I have retrolisthesis of the cervical vertebra C5-C6. They are shifted and cannot be corrected except with surgery and realignment with a brace. It was probably happening over years but finally pushed "over the edge" by some small movement on my part. This is after years of regular correction by a chiropractor.

Today is a bad day. Pain, dizziness, lightheadedness....no fun.

Thanks for listening and letting me whine a little.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February is already over?!

Sorry I've been away from blogging for awhile. I've been working on 40th high school reunion this year. It's been fun trying to find old classmates. I don't mean "old" just former classmates. There, that's better.

In attempting to fulfill my New Year's resolution for 2010 I've been attending a yoga class at my gym. Thanks to Sally for inviting me to attend. I love it and believe it will (or has) help me. I was surprised to find how many of the postures I can actually manage without pain. Still feel some pain in neck and hip but nothing that keeps me from continuing to go to class. It helps when the instructor guides you through the postures so seamlessly you don't even know your going from one posture to the next. Very tricky.

Still managing to stay on my "no excuses" eating plan. Have managed to add a new snack...but only on special limited occasions. I found KC's Babycakes near the church. Gourmet cupcakes. YUM! :)

On the health note, still feeling fine except for dizziness. CANNOT do back bend at yoga...very bad for me. It doesn't hurt my back but everything starts spinning. I feel like my eyeballs are twirling around in their sockets!

Had MRI on cervical spine. Better experience this time. Very attentive technician...talked to me all the time so I was more relaxed and knew when I could swallow (that was a problem with last MRI). Will see doctor this week to hear the diagnosis. Still have pain and stiffness in neck.

Having a little pain in left knee...stepped a little funny on the treadmill a couple of weeks ago. Laid off treadmill for about a week and was fine for a few days. Tweaked the knee again so will try and let it heal some more. Twisting seems to be the problem...old joints are just unstable. Need to strengthen the support system!

Hope everyone who reads this is well and enjoying life!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year...Newer Me

Happy New Year!

Cannot believe it is already 2010! I remember when 2000 just rolled around. I'm happy about hitting the double digits...I like the sound of twenty ten.

Still working on myself...my health. New resolution for 2010 is to work harder to develop core stablization strength...I need to continue to stand up by myself and not slump over in the chair. DO NOT want to become just a blob!

Happy with the success of 2009. Lost 35 pounds and numerous inches...now wearing size 6! God is good to me. Wake up praising God and the day will not be bad. Everyday is a miracle! A Gift! Celebrate!

Will begin new Bible study at church tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

Preacher gave Fantastic sermon on Sunday...perfect for beginning a new year. Waiting for it to be posted on website. Will link it everywhere I can so that others can hear. Isn't it great to be alive!