Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well finally had to go shopping for new clothes. Dropped two sizes since first of year! I only bought a few things as I fully intend to lose more. The only thing scary about it is I've been thinner before only to gain little by little. I just need to remember to cut one of those little's when it makes an appearance next time.

One thing I discovered is that I must have also shrunk. All the pants are way too long...must be made for those 6' models (or 4" heels).

Did not go to workout at all this weekend. I figured walking around the shops all day was enough exercise. I even took a cooler with my homemade lunch and had in the car when I needed to eat. No more being out and just happening by the Chick fil a. That's what I did while Christmas shopping last year. It tastes good but I don't want to think about the calories.

Need to close now and go have a MD 64. Just perfect for me.

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