Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello again

I keep forgetting to update blog...must remember to check everyday.

Went for yearly physical and was told I was 20 pounds lighter than one year ago! Sounds great to me but I need MORE. Still would like to lose 10 pounds or so.

I feel so much better losing the weight I have already. Need to get back on active workout program but am waiting until I hear what's wrong with my neck. Nothing seems to be helping get rid of pain. I discovered today that I will not be able to watch tennis matches since turning my head back and forth repeatedly almost makes me faint from the pain. My pain is not as bad as some people experience but I don't want ANY pain! There must be something that can be fixed by the proper care...I just don't know what that is right now. Maybe I find out next week...seeing a new doctor.

Pray for me and all others in pain. The world is too much fun to experience it in pain. Need to go walk now. I can, at lease, still do that.

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