Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Went for x-ray of rib this morning and was weighed at the doctor's office. Last doctor visit in August 2008 I was 158. Today I was 144.8!!!!! Gym scale must be accurate. Good news.

Ok everyone...I have clearance to start execising again. I just have to watch my rib and try to control myself when moving and stretching. That shouldn't be too hard since it HURTS when I do that!

Went to the gym and walked on the treadmill...first time for about a week. Felt really good. No problems with leg, back, etc. Will try to start out small and do some of new exercises tonight. Plenty to do without involving neck or rib. We'll see how it goes.

Just want to say that discovering that I can lose weight at MY age is good. I was always telling myself that since I'm OLD I may not be able to lose weight like I want. It's a good thing I finally decided to give it a try.

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