Thursday, August 20, 2009

Houston, Texas

I've been in Houston since Sunday, 8-16-2009. Came to visit my sister and see my nephew, Benjamin, who is visiting his dad, my brother, Van. Benjamin lives in Indianapolis, IN, but plans to go back to California. Benjamin worked with group like conservation corps and camped(lived) in woods and hills doing mountainman type work. Loved seeing him. We all met at my other brother's home in the country. His wife, Karen, and kids, Anson, Ashlen and Gillian, prepared most of the food and had beer and wine. I drove like a crazy person in order to make the trip from Louisiana for the party. Leonard's home is in the country and is on lots of property. Really cool place to visit.

Next night I had dinner with Van, Benjamin and Van's daughter, Callie, and my sister, Brenda, at Van's apt. in Houston. Sat on patio and ate grilled steak, mushrooms and Caesar salad (Van made the dressing from scratch) YUM.

Brenda took off work for three days and we worked at her house. She just moved in this year and still has boxes to unload. We did some throwing out and arranging some things. Always good to accomplish homey things.

Brenda's daughter, Cara, had wisdom teeth removed today and I'm looking after her since Brenda had to return to work. I will go home tomorrow.

Got a call from doctor re PET scan. He thinks mass has not changed but doesn't show any cancer. He will show the scan to me when I return home. Doctor recommends another followup chest x-ray in about 3-4 months to check on mass and see if it's still there, growing or shrinking. Still using inhaler and planning on trip to Maine in September. Feel really good knowing my friend the doctor is taking good care of me. How blessed am I?!!!

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