Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Development

Had blood work (CBC) done on March 30. Doctor B's office called next day and wants to refer me to a hematologist for further testing. Lymphocytes still high. Saw Dr. B on Friday, April 2, for other things...staph infection in nose. He said he doesn't think the Lymphocytes are a major concern but it needs looking into. Dr. S is out of office Easter week and has not called yet to make appointment. Hopefully, he will call the following week and I can see him soon. Need to get health issues cleared so can go ahead and plan rv travels this summer.

Weight at Dr. B's office was 127.2. Still maintaining weight loss.

I was previously treated by a hematologist in England when my sarcoidosis flared. Had enlarged spleen...spent two years on prednisone. The two biggest active sarcoid events in my life were spurred on by hormonal changes....babies! This past summer I was taken off all hormones...maybe there is a connection? We'll see.

Feeling fine (except for stiff neck still). Am seeing physical therapist for that right see some improvement. Hoping that will continue.

Also started having a protein drink every day. I think I lost some muscle tissue when on weight loss program...want to get that back.

Happy to be alive and celebrating Easter 2010 today! Great sermon at church again today. Thanks Hunter.

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