Wednesday, April 21, 2010

God is always Good

Well, finally got to see Dr. S today...and that was a miracle. When I was told to go see Dr. S. I had some trouble getting appointment then finally got one in good time. Unfortunately, the office called yesterday and said they would need to reschedule. Grrrrrr! Miraculously, after making another appointment in another month's time(!!!!) God was there. A couple of days earlier I was asked by a friend to take her to chemo...her last...yea! Anyway, she has chemo at the same location as Dr. S. I happened to mention to the appointment nurse that I was bringing someone to the office on Wed.for her chemo and, get ready, they could see me then!!!! God is Good.

Took my friend today and had my appointment with Dr. S. Then I found out that there was more to the story. The evening my friend asked me to take her...we were chatting on facebook. I don't regularly chat with everyone but I saw her on and hadn't spoken to her for awhile so I said "HI". Today she told me she NEVER chats on facebook. That night she just happen to activate the chat feature. Have I already said God is Good.

Just had to share that God story.

On the medical side...having blood work and ultrasound. Will then go back and see Dr. S. for results. Cannot go back until third week of May...I'm going out of town for a couple of weeks with my husband. Having 40th High School reunion and rv campout with friends after that.

Until next time......

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