Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Need to Whine

Sorry to put this down on paper (whatever) but I need to whine a little.

Contemplating the purchase of cervical traction device recocmmended by my chiropractor. They cost $500 or more! The big question is will it help or will I be out another $500 for nothing. No problem if I knew it would help. I've been trying to get my neck back to it's pre-pain state for over a year with no improvement. Chiro says I have retrolisthesis of the cervical vertebra C5-C6. They are shifted and cannot be corrected except with surgery and realignment with a brace. It was probably happening over years but finally pushed "over the edge" by some small movement on my part. This is after years of regular correction by a chiropractor.

Today is a bad day. Pain, dizziness, fun.

Thanks for listening and letting me whine a little.

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