Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still Here

It's been awhile since I posted on the blog. I've been trying to get over the breathing problems and coughing. Will see pulmonologist today for function tests. Hope something is found so I can treat and get going full steam again.

Also trying to get neck back into pre-pain condition. Had MRI on 6-19. Saw ortho dr. yesterday and was told no glaring serious problems. Will see PT next week to try and get on program to relieve pain, stablize neck, increase flexibility and strengthen. I'm ready to get on with painfree life.

Still (or rather back) to working out as before trip out west. Last official weight (at doctor's) was 133.1. That's with shoes and such. I've weighed myself on home scale right out of shower and it shows 130. I'm very happy with my success and hope to continue, with God's help, keeping the weight off. Weight is probably this low because I don't have any muscles. Need to pump up the weights at the gym. Before now, and still, trying to keep pain away from my hips and legs as well as shoulder and neck.

Said goodbye to friend on 6-19. Robin Childs passed away on 6-12 after long and courageous battle with breast cancer. She is my second really tough friend to beat this disease through death. Robin once told me that death can be the healing from pain and disease. She told me this as we remembered my friend, Mary, who had been praying for healing. I believe what Robin in God and He will deliver you. Robin has been delivered to God's family in heaven having finished His purpose for her on earth. Remember Robin's faith in Jesus Christ, her faith in friends and family, and her purpose for living those gifts in full view of those around her. Believe me...there is a party going on in heaven right now with smiles all around. What a joyful thought.

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