Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well I've been away from the blog for awhile because I've been frustrated with my leg pain. I've just began working with a new PT and am focused on core strengthening. Have lots of new stretches and exercises to begin to learn...some will be tough because there is lots of balance involved...remember CORE!

Still walking everyday and have just reached a grand total of 10 pounds lost from weight when I began the NO EXCUSES plan. Have found no problem in curbing my need to munch. I do have something to eat at short intervals during the day and still manage to fit in my chocolate ice cream. Have lost lots of inches but did not measure at the beginning. Should have done that then I could be happy about the progress. Since my clothes are fitting very loose now I'm happy with that.

Ultimate goal of fitness and no pain with a strong body. I have lots left to do in this life and I want to be able to do it to the fullest.

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