Friday, February 6, 2009

February is here already?

I cannot believe how this week has flown by. Finally got back to my full workout at the gym. Did very well and know I can now continue with the plan.

In addition to my gym workout I've been "working out" with our current lodger...Hambone, the beagle. When I take him for a "walk" it is more like a "run" where I'm trying to hold back a dragster flying down the strip. This little dynamo can move!! The only thing that stops him is seeing another dog or cat. He wants to play with anything that passes by. It is sad to see him trying to get to a "friend" and sad to hear him whine and sometimes bark. We have found him a home which we believe will provide a boy to play with as well as a couple of other dogs. Still working out the details and I'm trying to get ready for the separation. Hambone is so cute and affectionate but I know we cannot keep him and give him the home he needs. I know that sounds selfish but it is reality. I don't want to hold on to him just because some think we should when I know it's better he have a family who will be there for him all the time.

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