Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sorry it's been so long since last blog. Maybe some of you thought the results of tests came back bad. All is good. Ultrasound showed all organs look normal so nothing interesting going on there. Blood work came back about the same. Since I am not experiencing any extreme symptoms doctor has requested more blood work again in about three months. I made appointment for end of September since hubby and I were going on long trip to Alaska this summer. That hasn't happened because of trouble with RV. Motorhome is still in the shop. We hope to get it back this week but will still need "diagnosis" of some problems. We didn't like the news from current shop so picked up rig a couple of weeks ago only to discover a new malfunction. Turned around and took back to have that repaired.....still there.

Still planning on shorter trip whenever we get motorhome back and in good working order.

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